Top 5 Luxury Cars Under 20 Lakh Price

In India still many have ambitions regarding possessing Luxury Cars, indeed. Now we can witness that Indian automobile is boomed with supreme luxurious car brands, including elite Western as well as elite European car brands. Whenever we see such a Beauty with the beast on road passing by, it lets our eyes completely astonished by just seeing a semblance of luxury Cars. It is a next level of delightsome to ride Such vehicles.
Luxury type cars had prevailed the conquest in the realm of all types of vehicles, shapes or different models. There’s been a surge witnessed in recent few years in sales of luxurious vehicles in India apparently. Everyone have insanity in some type for possessing luxury Cars. India is apparently the 4th biggest market in automobiles in world. Luxury vehicles reflect the one’s grandeur, it also reflects his standards and rich lifestyles in today’s world. Many successful tycoons buy these luxurious vehicles to retain their dignity, to retain their legacy.

In India, probably many Indians owns these luxurious vehicles. For past years indian market was boomed with immense different types of luxury vehicles. It is the ambitions of many to be in possession of such luxury vehicles.

If you want to owe such luxury Cars, nowadays it is not that hard , luxurious vehicles are now available in low prices too . After lot of research, we had created a catalogue of the best luxurious cars under the 20 lakh price tag for you all. We are gonna elaborate about them in simple terms . Without wasting any more time , let’s move further to see the catalogue of 5 best luxurious cars under 20 lakh INR.

1. Honda City


We are apparently all familiar with Honda city in India . It is indeed one of the best sedan premium cars available with not skyrocking price tag. Honda had launched the 5th generation of this model. The company had made some changes in it like – In its updated features, the front look is changed, big bold front grille, integrated spoiler, the rear part is fully changed. It is powered by 1.0 Litre 3 cylinder petrol engine producing 122 bhp and 173 nm of torque respectively. It comes with both automatic and manual transmission gears.


Ex-showroom price: 11.16 lakhs onwards.
Mileage: 17.8- 24.1 Km/Pl
Engine displacement: 1498 cc
No of seats:  5
No of colours: 5

2. Kia Sonet

Kia-sonet-luxury-car-in-indiaKia had earned a lot of hearts in India, it growing rapidly due to its unique features and design. It is also great in comfort. It comes in different variants with the latest updates. It is one the best car to be considered when you are going to buy a vehicle under 20 lakhs nowadays. It comes with a powerful engine generating 82 bhp of power and  115 Nm of torque respectively. It is available in both diesel and petrol engines. It comes with both automatic and manual transmission.


Ex-showroom price: 6.80 lakhs onwards.
Mileage: 18.4 km/pl ( Petrol variant) and 22. 4 km/pl ( diesel variant).
Engine displacement: 1197 cc ( petrol variant) and 1493 cc ( diesel variant).
No of seats: 5
No of colours: 11 

3.Toyota Innova Crysta

Toyota-Innova-Crysta-luxury-car-in-indiaToyota is one of the worlds largest automobile companies. Toyota vehicles are used in almost all countries. Whenever we hear about Innova, the first thing that comes to our mind is luxury and then the best comfort experience around India. It is one of the most comfortable rides at the best price available currently in India. Its new variant comes with the latest and rare features apparently. The new variant has a larger grille with thick Chrome as compared to the old model. The engine of the new variant comes with an old model, 2.7-litre petrol engine and 2.4-litre diesel engine. Petrol variant produces 166 bhp of power and the diesel variant produces 150 bhp of power and 343 Nm of torque respectively. It comes with both automatic and manual transmission gearbox.


Ex-showroom price: 16.65 lakhs onwards.
Mileage: 10.75 km/pl ( petrol variant) and 13.68 km/pl ( deisel variant).
Engine displacement: 2393 cc
No of seats 7-8
No of colours: 7 

4. Hyundai Creta

hyundai-creta-luxury-car-in-indiaApparently, Hyundai Creta had proven itself at all levels in India. Creta is one of the most purchased cars in the luxurious segment with under a 20 lakh price tag. After Toyota Innova, it can give you the next level of comfort and safety too. The new variant is a breathtaking beauty with the beast, it has a masculine stance with the best features in this catalogue. Its 1.5-litre petrol variant can make an output of 115 bhp of power and 144 Nm of torque respectively. Its 1.5 litre of diesel variant makes an output of 115 bhp of power and 250 Nm of torque respectively.


Ex-showroom price: 10.50 lakhs onwards
Mileage: 16.08 kmpl ( petrol variant) and 18.5 -21.5 kmpl (diesel variant)
Engine displacement: 1497 cc ( petrol variant) and 1493 cc ( diesel variant)
No of seats: 5
No of colors: 10

5. Hyundai Verna

Hyundai-Verna-luxury-car-in-indiaHyundai had launched a new stylish variant of Verna recently. It is one of the best options to be considered for sedan and luxurious vehicles lovers. It has premium attire packed with amazing new features. Its ride will surely give you an astonishing experience with the best comfort and top-level safety features, indeed.

Many people had shown interest to buy this beauty in a couple of years. A surge in the purchase of Hyundai Verna had been witnessed due to its attire, looks, features and safety level. It comes with both automatic and manual transmission gearbox. Its 1.5L petrol variant makes a great output of  115 bhp of power and 144 nm of torque respectively and its 1.5L diesel variant makes a great whooping output of  115 bhp of power and 144 Nm of torque respectively.


Ex-showroom price: 9.20 lakhs onwards.
Mileage: 17.07 km/pl – 18.45 km/pl ( petrol variant) and 25 km/pl (diesel variant).
Engine displacement: 1497 cc ( petrol variant) and 1493 cc (diesel variant).
No of seats: 5
No of colours: 6

All these luxurious cars mentioned above are best in under 20 lakh INR segments in India currently. They have amazing performance with the best safety and Updated features available currently in luxurious cars.

These cars listed in the catalogue are based on research from the experience of customers and sales in India.

I hope you can find your favourite cars according to your budget and choice. 

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